Beans, Leaves, Etc



Beans, Leaves, Etc brings you the finest coffee, teas, spices, herbs, gourmet foods and accessories.  We have always believed in the full enjoyment of fine foods and drinks.  For many years we searched to find the finest for our personal consumption.  Now we are able to share our discoveries with you.

While shopping in the store, ask one of the barista to make you a beverage.  We have a selection of lattes, cappuccinos, and other various beverages for purchase.


We are located at 33 South Main Street in North East Maryland. 

About Coffee

Coffee was introduced into Europe by the sixteenth century from the Arabian Peninsula. During the next centuries of exploration and colonization it was introduced in many other lands around the world.

We have chosen to offer only the finest arabica beans to our customers. Our beans come from thirteen countries on four continents and a number of off shore islands. All of our coffees are available whole beans or ground. Please indicate your choice and specify the type of grind you desire when ordering. If no choice is specified we will ship your gourmet coffee for a filter brewer. Your coffee will arrive at your door freshly packaged in re closeable tin tie coffee bags.


Beans, Leaves, Etc is open 7 days a week.


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